//In the pangolin lives their mother, children believe!

In the pangolin lives their mother, children believe!


Ranchi,India April 11 : This is one story that would beat even the weirdest Bollywood film – a Jharkhand family claims it has a pangolin that is actually the reincarnation of the housewife who died six years ago.

According to local media reports, Jaitiya Murmu in Kathasakar village in Giridih district, 270 km from here, believes that his wife Dhani has been reincarnated in the form of the endangered animal.

His children love it as their mother and the pangolin is being reared with great love and respect and fed with ants. Dhani died in June 2000 and promised on her deathbed that she would soon return to the family in another form, Jaitiya claimed.

A few weeks after her death, the pangolin, hardly found in the district, entered the house, went to Dhani’s room and lay down on her bed.

"We love the mammal as our mother. It is part of our family," said Parmeshwar, her eldest son.

"Someone from Orissa wanted to take it for a hefty price. But can we sell our mother?" he asked.