//NRIs could face difficulties, predicts astrologer

NRIs could face difficulties, predicts astrologer

By Adarsh Madhavan, Thursday, April 13, 2006

MUSCAT — Indians would soon be facing slight difficulties in entering some nations and some Non-Resident Keralites (NRKs) and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) (in short, Indians living abroad) would even have to come back to India soon, a top Indian astrologer, on visit to the Sultanate, predicted.
“However, from now to the next one and a half years, NRIs abroad would enjoy all the facilities of their host countries, but after 2007 or mid-2008 to 2009, there is a possibility that they would find it difficult to even enter some countries,” Kanipayyur Narayanan Nambudirippad, a famous astrologer of the Kanipayyur tradition of Kerala, told the Times of Oman yesterday.
Kanipayyur Narayanan is the youngest astrological scion of the famous Kanipayyur family, based in Kunnamkulam in Thrissur, Kerala.
Although he is humble and almost self-effacing, his astrological predictions are often spot on, those who have dealt with him, note.
“Many Indians abroad may have to come back as some countries may impose restrictions on expatriates’ workforce in general,” Kanipayyur said, but did not specify the countries.
Kaipayyur noted that he come to this conclusion some three years back. But it was not going to be a bleak future for Indian job seekers abroad, as India would soon be ready to receive them with open arms. “India will be ready to receive them and there would be enough job opportunities for them,” Kanipayyur said.
“Many often come to me and ask if their children would go abroad and study. I often tell them that there is no need for that. There would soon be enough educational and job opportunities in India itself.
“By 2009/2010, there would be enough universities of international stature in India itself, so much, they would not have to go abroad to study,” he predicted.
Great progress awaited India and by 2010 job opportunities would also peak, he added.
There is also a possibility for Indians to lean more to the spiritual side of their nature.
In fact, even Kerala’s politicians are going to turn over a new leaf, he predicts. “Many of them are going to be more humane and will look into aspects of helping the people rather than engage in petty politics and indulge in selfish acts.” Chances of laws to protect women and children in Kerala are also likely in the period from now to April 14, 2007, Kanipayyur noted, adding that these were some of the predictions he plans to unveil on Vishu (A festival held in Kerala on the first day of the Malayalam month (Medam/April), which is the astronomical New Year day when the sun crosses the equator).
According to Kanipayyur, in Kerala, the political leaders are the rulers. “The political ruler is the king. So, if he has an inclination to help and take care of his ‘subjects’, it is good. So, whoever rules, it is likely that they will have an inclination to help and take care of his people.”
Kanipayyur has predicted that there is a likelihood that although Kerala would receive the usual amount of rainfall next year (not this year), the timing of the rains was very important. “There will be rains, but what if they are not on time and if the winds carry them away?
“Also, chances are that even if it rains, some areas in Kerala would still face some problems owing to water scarcity during 2007.”
However, there would not be such rain-related problems this year. Kanipayyur however predicted that unexpected problems are going to arise in India’s North Western front.
(Kanipayyur will be making detailed predictions on Vishu, on Asianet tomorrow (Friday) morning at 7am (IST).) For more information, contact 95656906/24701555 (Kotakkal Aryavaidya Sala – between 9-1 and 4-9).