//PM to meeet Bhopal gas tragedy protestors today

PM to meeet Bhopal gas tragedy protestors today

New Delhi, April 14 (PTI): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would meet survivors of 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy today as indefinite hunger strike by six protestors demanding proper medical and economic rehabilitaiton entered the third day on Thursday.

The Prime Minister has agreed to meet the survivors tomorrow, spokesman of the protestors Nityanand Jayaraman told PTI.

The condition of the six protestors on hunger strike was stable, he said adding two French nationals ended their two-day protest today.

Claimed by many as the worst industrial disaster, the tragedy occurred due to "accidental" release of 40 tonnes of Methyl Isocyanate from the pesticide plant of Union Carbide in the heart of Bhopal killing at least 20,000 people.

The protestors, who had arrived here 17 days ago, also demanded clean water for the community, prosecution of Union Carbide officals and making the owner of Union Carbide pay for the clean-up of toxic contamination.

Meanwhile, a Texan fisherwoman activist Dane Wilson started her hunger strike in the United States today in solidarity with the protest in New Delhi. About 300 people from 15 countries were protesting in various cities of the US, the spokesman claimed.

He also claimed that the Prime Minister’s office has received 2520 fax copies urging him to take immediate action in this regard.