//Children's manifesto released

Children's manifesto released

KOCHI: A group of school children, under the auspices of the Child Rights Resource Centre of the Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, on Wednesday released a children’s manifesto that urged the political parties to take note of the rights and privileges of children. "Every child has the right to birth and life and no one can deny these rights," proclaimed the manifesto. The manifesto was prepared by a group of 50 children in the age group of 13 to 18. The children have requested political parties and candidates to react to the various demands in the manifesto.

The document, prepared with the support of Unicef, Chennai, deals with issues like health of mother, need for strengthening the public health centres and implementation of awareness programmes on AIDS and free noon meals for students up to the age of 18.

The document suggests compulsory education for children up to 18 years and informal education for street children and refugees to bring them to mainstream and setting up of child-friendly schools.

The document also seeks the views of political parties and candidates on a series of subjects like social and economic justice, environment protection, measures for the rehabilitation of children in distress, steps for curbing the exploitation of children and setting up of child security police units and child lines in all districts.