//Bajrang Dal behind bomb blasts in Nanded

Bajrang Dal behind bomb blasts in Nanded

By: Krishnakumar   April 9, 2006, Mid Day, Mumbai

In what could prove to be a huge embarrassment on the eve of Lal Krishna Advani’s Bharat Suraksha Yatra in Maharashtra, police officials in Nanded said Bajrang Dal activists were actually making a bomb before a bomb exploded in an activist’s house.

What’s more, police officials have also recovered another bomb from the site and have diffused it on Saturday. A bomb blast had occurred at a retired irrigation department official’s house at Path Bhandare Nagar under the jurisdiction of Bhagyanagar police station on Wednesday morning. Raj Kondawar the retired official was not present at the time but was away with his wife at Shirdi when the incident occurred.

There were five people present at the time Naresh Kondewar along with his friends — Himanshu Phanse, Maruti Wagh, Rahul Pande and Ramraj Guptewar.

Naresh and Himanshu died on the spot while the other three are admitted in the hospital in a serious condition. Wagh is still in a coma.

One of the investigating officers, police inspector Shrikant Mahajan said that preliminary investigations have shown that Naresh and Himanshu were members of Bajrang Dal.

“We have got information that they were office bearers of Bajrang Dal from time to time and used to attend their meetings,” said Mahajan.

Mahajan said the blast was very powerful and that only the concrete structure survived, but everything else in the house was destroyed. He added that both the bombs were powerful devices.

Officials added that the recovery of the second bomb meant the people assembled in the house were preparing the bomb when the first one went off.

“We will know more about it only after we speak to the injured people,” said a top police official. For Advani who has been under a cloud after the Jinnah house, this blast couldn’t have come at a wronger time, as Sangh Parivar’s own have been alleged in making bombs.