//Twelve Cattle Slaughtered by Bajrang Dal-managed Kudroli Slaughterhouse

Twelve Cattle Slaughtered by Bajrang Dal-managed Kudroli Slaughterhouse

Daijiworld News Network –Mangalore (VM)

Mangalore, Apr 2: Now in the hands of Bajrang Dal, the Kudroli slaughterhouse has put this Hindu outfit into troubled waters. It was on March 31, 2005 when Bajrang Dal members were overjoyed as the official slaughterhouse at Kudroli managed for over four decades by the Muslims slipped into the hands of Rajesh Shetty a member of Bajrang Dal.

On April 1, the slaughterhouse was formally taken over by Shetty. It was decided to close down the slaughterhouse as it had no basic amenities. All eyes on Kudroli, 12 cattle were slaughtered during the wee hours of Sunday, April 2.

This has brought down embarrassment to the Bajrang Dal and other fundamental Hindu organizations that were on a war-foot to demand for ban on cow slaughter.

Interestingly, once the Bajrang Dal laid its hands on the slaughterhouse, they had decided to close it down and convert it into a Go Shala, where old cattle would be cared for. It was also decided to pool in the annual lease amount of Rs 8 lac by obtaining funds from the Hindu community.

Shetty had also complained to the Mangalore City Corporation that the slaughter houses had no veterinary doctor to certify the animals which will be slaughtered. However with the City Corporation deputing a veterinary doctor who provided the required clearances for slaughtering the 12 cows, the slaughterhouse began its operations.

It may be recalled that in March 2006, Bajrang Dal convenor Rajgopal Rai had openly disclosed that beef will not be allowed to be sold in the district. "We will not allow selling of beef in any of the beef stall and will stop selling of beef completely in the district,” were his words.

Contradicting its stand, the same Hindu outfit killed 12 cattle under its banner.

How can this be justified!