//Court guidelines on children of undertrial women

Court guidelines on children of undertrial women

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Thursday held that children of under-trial women in prisons should not be treated as undertrials and they should get normal treatment.

A Bench, comprising Chief Justice Y. K. Sabharwal, Justice C. K. Thakker and Justice P.K. Balasubramanyan, disposing of a batch of petitions, framed new guidelines that should be incorporated in jail manuals within three months.

Priority basis

The Bench said pregnant women prisoners must be provided with nutritious diet, proper drinking water and medical facilities. It directed the courts to decide their cases on a priority basis.

The judges said the States should ensure that the children of under-trial women were provided with education and other facilities for their proper upbringing. The jail records must take into account their original address and the prison should not be mentioned as their address.

The Legal Services Authority was asked to monitor the implementation of the guidelines. The Union Government and the States were asked to file compliance reports within four months.

Apr 14, 2006, The Hindu,