//VHP backs Nepal King to the hilt

VHP backs Nepal King to the hilt


The pro-democracy protest notwithstanding, the Vishva Hindu Parishad today backed Nepal King Gyanendra to the hilt saying the monarchy was the only institution which could save the Nepalese people from Maoist violence.

"The question is not of King and democracy but between Maoist violence and Nepal. The King is the only institution fighting against Maoist violence to save the people of Nepal. If there is no King, Nepal will be controlled by Maoists and once Maoists control Nepal, they will control 150 districts in India", VHP firebrand Secretary General Praveen Togadia told PTI.

On the demand for restoration of democracy, he said no democracy can survive and no election can be organised with large-scale Maoist violence taking place in that country.

"It is in India’s interests not to talk of democracy and King but only to target Maoist violence. Maoist violence should be curbed and law of the land should be established", Togadia said.

The VHP, he said, favoured constitutional monarchy with multi-party democracy in the Himalayan Kingdom.

"If the 1,000-year-old democracy in the United Kingdom has no problems with monarchy, why should there be any reservations about monarchy in Nepal?", the firebrand VHP leader said.

RSS leader Ram Madhav said Maoist violence in Nepal should be curbed and the Sangh has always maintained that all efforts towards restoration of democracy should be welcomed.