//Bollywood singer Udit Narayan alleged for bigamy?

Bollywood singer Udit Narayan alleged for bigamy?

MIL/Agencies, Apr 22, 2006.

Patna, Apr. 22 – Some times the Bollywood family members get a taste of what they screen for others. It was a real scene of life for Udit Narayan, a famous Bollywood Playback Singer who was alleged to be blackmailed by an unknown woman.

Udit Narayan had to keep himself confined in a hotel suite here for about four hours on Friday because of a lady named Ranjana Jha, who claimed to be his first wife and protested outside the hotel. She said that she was his first wife and wanted to have his explanation why he deserted her?

Udit Narayan and his "second wife" Deepa came here to attend the marriage of his niece. Here he was caught by surprise by a woman named by Ranjana Jha who clamed to be his first wife.

Mrs. Ranjana Jha staged a protest at the hotel where Udit with his wife Deepa had checked in. She created a hue and cry and staged dharna  that continued for almost four hours.

Udit from inside the hotel called for police help to bail him out of the fake problem created by a woman with whom he has no relations. The police team led by Sub Inspector Baby Chandra questioned Ranjana as to what made her to stage dharna in front of the hotel?

She narrated the whole story of her marriage with Udit but he deserted her. She said, "I am the first wife. Udit used to visit Deepa even during my marriage with him.  He always said that Deepa was his business partner".

While answering the questions, she slipped on the ground due to her imbalanced position. However police men lent her help to pacify her.

In the meanwhile Udit left the hotel from the rear side unnoticed since he wanted to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Later on, at the Patna airport Media men clashed Deepa’s fans, who is also a popular playback singer, and as a result of their scuffle a camera of a media person was damaged. Deepa said, "I am the bride of Bihar and Udit its son. But media persons highlight only his supposed minus points and not his real good work".

As per the report of Abhay Singh and Sanjeev K Jha, TNN, Ranjana, who hails from Arraha Nirmali in Supaul district on the Indo-Nepal border, is not going to give up without a fight this time. "I will take legal course against Udit’s bigamy. I will meet the Chief Minister," she said.

On his arrival in New Delhi Udit dismissed as "slanderous" the claims made by the woman that she is his first wife whom he had allegedly married in 1984. "I don’t know this woman and I have never met her before. These are attempts to malign me," he said.