//Research Associate / Visiting Scientist Position at Anthra

Research Associate / Visiting Scientist Position at Anthra

A Resource Centre for Bio-diversity based Livestock development

Research Associate / Visiting Scientist Position at  Anthra-  A Resource Centre for Bio-diversity based Livestock development
ANTHRA is a non-profit Trust , started by women veterinary scientists,  working primarily in the field of Livestock development. We offer technical,  training, research, policy and advocacy support on issues related to  livestock production and development in the larger context of natural  resources, biodiversity and people’s livelihood systems. ANTHRA provides a  pleasant working environment with opportunities to grow and learn. We  encourage a non-hierarchical enabling atmosphere and essentially work as  teams. At ANTHRA we reach beyond the fixed boundaries of job  responsibilities and take up new and exciting challenges with ample scope  for creative _expression and innovation.  
Rainfed Agriculture and Livestock Development

Job Description
   1. Coordination of Training Courses on Livestock Development in  Rainfed agriculture contexts  
   2. Process documentation of training and technical support to groups  
   3. Field visits  
   4. Research and analyses of policies that have implications for   livestock rearing communities.  
   5. Process documentation reports, drafting critical position papers,   preparing background information and technical papers for discussion and/or   publication  
Location : Candidate must be prepared to travel and work in rural, remote  areas of the country  Should be willing to meet challenges of a demanding but exciting job  Candidate must have excellent English language and preferably one of the  following Indian langauages (Hindi/Telugu/Kannada/Oriya/ Tamil)  

Basic Computer skills desirable  
Qualification : Masters in Agricultural Science or any of the Social  science disciplines. Prior experience working on dryland agriculture is  desirable. Willingness to travel and work in the rural areas.  
Languages: English and preferably one of the following Indian languages-  Telugu / Kannada/ Tamil  Basic Computer skills  

Women are encouraged to apply  
Salary will be commensurate with persons experience and qualifications

Apply immediately with CV to

B-135 Sainikpuri
Andhra Pradesh, India
email : [email protected]