//In search of justice for 40 years

In search of justice for 40 years

PARALAKHEMUNDI, April 27: It may sound strange that V Jaggnath Rao, who was working as an inspector of cooperative societies, has been seeking justice since 1966 ~ 40 years after he was dismissed from the service.
All these 40 years, he was meeting all the authorities concerned, seeking justice only to be rebuffed and given assurances that were never met. This month, he has drafted a letter to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, putting forth his grievances and seeking justice. In his letter, he stated that he was suspended on charges of misappropriating Rs 195, submitting false vouchers and negligence of duty on 1 March, 1966.

He said the inquiry against him was mala fide and ill-intentioned. He claimed that witnesses were examined in his absence. Later, he was dismissed from service but after an appeal to the Orissa government, his dismissal was changed to discharge him from duty.

After his discharge from duty, he tried to establish his innocence but failed as he was not financially sound. Even today, he hopes he will get justice.
In his endeavour to seek justice, he met the Governors in 1973 and 1984 and got assurances which never materialised. Now he sent a letter to the Chief Justice, hoping that he will receive his salary arrears. nSNS