//Seeking Dalit Journalists at Asian College of Journalism, Chennai

Seeking Dalit Journalists at Asian College of Journalism, Chennai

The last date for applications is 30 April 2006

Dear friends  
There are almost no dalits in the media, especially in the English language  media. The few who write like Chandra Bhan Prasad are  columnists, not  full-time journalists. I have been raising the issue for some time  now with  the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai, an elite institute  that  
offers a  10-month diploma course in three streams of journalism (90 seats).  
Students from ACJ usually find jobs via campus recruitment in the best  media outfits of the country. Please look up the webiste of ACJ:  www.asianmedia.org .

ACJ in Chennai is five years old and students  from here  have found employment in The Times of India, The Economic  Times, The Hindu,  The Indian Express, The New Indian Express, The Asian Age, The  Telegraph,  The Statesman, The Hindustan Times, Frontline, Business  
Line, Digit, UNI,  NDTV, CNN, CNBC, Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, Star News, Sun News, ANI, Reuters, ETV, Miditech, Vijay Times, Jeevan TV, India Vision, I-Labs.etc.

This year, Sashi Kumar, the Chairman of ACJ (formerly head of Asianet  channel), has communicated to me that if we can find good candidates  from dalit background, ACJ will be willing to offer scholarships to at  least two economically disadvantaged students. The scholarship will  include  tutition fee waiver and include Rs 2,000 per month towards food and  accommodation.  
(ACJ does not provide hostel accommodation, but helps find apartments  which students rent on a sharing basis.)  The last date for applications is first 30 April 2006. One of the  fundamental requirements to be part of the course is a command over  the English language since the entire course content depends on good  English.  

Most students here come from elite backgrounds given that the fees  for the ten month course ranges from Rs  1.25 lakh to Rs 2 lakh (depending on  the course—print, broadcast and new media).  
This is an opportunity for dalit students who are in their last year  of graduation or have completed their graduation. Postgraduates can  also apply.  
Recipients of this email/ notice please scout for prospective  candidates in your respective areas and encourgae dalit students to  apply.  
If there have been no dalits passing out of ACJ, one reason could be  that there are no dalit students applying to ACJ owing to lack of  awareness/ networking. I am sure there are enough number of talented  dalit graduates and postgraduates who can enter the ACJ courses (90  seats in three  streams) without availing this scholarship or without mentioning the fact of their being dalit; in other words, in the open competition.  

The  economically disadvantaged could well avail of the two scholarships.  The ACJ admission noitce has appeared in various newspapers.

To  download an application, vist the following web-link:  
Please circulate this email widely. Those who are associated with  universities, colleges, research and teaching institutions, please  putting it up on notice-boards and alert potential students.  
Prospective candidates who wish to seek clarifications/ information  regarding the ACJ course can contact me at the address/ email/ phone below:  
S. Anand  
Special Correspondent  
Outlook newsmagazine  
No. 6, Eden Dale  
Bishop Wallers Avenue East  
Mylapore, Chennai–600004  
Mobile: 094440-61256  
Email:  [email protected]