//Ayur liquor tragedy victim dies in hospital

Ayur liquor tragedy victim dies in hospital

Result of chemical analysis of liquor awaited

KOLLAM: Madhukumar alias Unni, who was admitted to the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital (MCH) in a critical state after consuming a brand of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) on April 22, died on Thursday morning.

His friend and neighbour Venugopal who also consumed the same liquor had died on the night of April 22. Unni, 42, is reported to have purchased the liquor from the Ayur outlet of the Beverages Corporation two days before the tragedy.

The two friends had consumed a portion from the bottle on April 21 but it had no ill effects then.

When they consumed the remaining portion the next night, both turned critical. Following the development, the sale of the same brand of liquor bottles was withheld at the outlet and these were thoroughly examined. But the contents were found to be genuine.

The police suspect that someone could have mixed the balance liquor at Unni’s house with poison and the duo had consumed it without knowing. Two days after his admission to the MCH, Unni had shown signs of recovering. On Wednesday night, his condition worsened.

The police investigation centres on whether the liquor was mixed with poison and, if so, by whom.

The bottle with its contents had been sent for chemical examination and the results are awaited. The police also seized some pesticides from Unni’s house. People at Unni’s house were questioned.