//Liberhan counsel upset over Govt's submission

Liberhan counsel upset over Govt's submission

Press Trust of India, New Delhi, April 28, 2006

The Counsel for Liberhan Commission, probing the demolition of the disputed structure in Ayodhya, has expressed disappointment over the Centre’s voluminous submission, saying the 395-page document has no new insights to offer on what transpired on December 6, 1992.

"Despite the time taken by the Government of India to prepare its written submission, they do not provide any value addition for the Commission. The lack of any serious intellectual effort on the part of the Centre to assist the Commission is disturbing," Commission’s counsel Anupam Gupta told ‘Outlook’ magazine.

According to Gupta, the Centre relied on previous judgments, chargesheets filed by CBI and depositions before the Commission to build up its case that BJP, VHP and RSS leaders had conspired to bring down the Babri Masjid. This was not what the commission had expected from the Centre, he said.

"A fundamental flaw in the submission is that the Government relied heavily on the criminal case," he said, according to a release issued by the magazine.

Gupta said "the Commission cannot allow itself to be prejudiced by the criminal proceedings, nor should the perception of the Commission be allowed to be prejudice the criminal trial. At stake is a fundamental principle of justice regarding the separate nature of civil and criminal jurisdiction. This prrrinciple must not be compromised at any cost."

In its final written submissions before the Commission, the UPA Government held the Sangh Parivar responsible for the demolition.

The UPA Government’s stand was in sharp contrast t that of its predecessor NDA which had said that it was a result of a sudden uncontrollable upsurge of karsevaks present at Ayodhya on December 6, 1992.