//Comedy flick angers Kerala church

Comedy flick angers Kerala church

Sunayana Nadkarni, CNN-IBN, Saturday , April 29, 2006

Mumbai: Tickle My Funny Bone, a comedy film about "a naughty, bold and sexy nun", has enraged Christians in Kerala.

Nuns and priests have demanded that the film, directed by Yogendra Konkar, be banned for it degrades them.

"Nuns are usually consecrated to God. They believe in virginity. And it is not easy to be a virgin in today’s world. We nuns give everything for the sake of God. To portray a nun so cheaply as this is bad taste," Sister Christabell says.

Tickle My Funny Bone categorised as a ‘Hinglish comedy’, is a story of a young nun who falls in love with an NRI. The nun’s attempts to flee from the convent supposedly create hilarious situations.

The Catholic Secular Forum has filed objections against this movie in the censor board. However, the filmmaker who cleared the film with the censor board earlier this month seems unperturbed by the controversies.

"Every one has different viewpoints. My thinking may not be similar to them. They think it is a controversial issue. I have made a film, which is a comedy. I did not make it raise a problem in the censor board," says Kumar.

"A scantily clad nun in a church compound, with a crucifix in the background. And she is in the hands of her lover. This is what we are given to understand and we opposing it with the censor board," general secretary, Catholic Secular Forum, Joseph Dias say

The film is scheduled for release in May. And the censor board has deleted the public exhibition of the objectionable scenes depicted on the movie’s poster of the film.

The film is second in succession after director Vinod Pandey’s Sins, which portrayed a priest in a bad light. And this only called for the Christian groups to demand a stringent action to be taken against the filmmaker.