//Mumbai Sex Mafia expand operations to Uganda

Mumbai Sex Mafia expand operations to Uganda

Uganda: Women, Guns Split Investor Community 

Angelo Izama, The Monitor (Kampala), Uganda, April 29, 2006

Blood, sex and bullets flying on a Bollywood screen are now playing out in the exclusive smoky pubs of Kampala. Unfortunately it is not movie stuff, but the reality in sections of the investor community that has the Uganda Police baffled.

The police have questioned Mr Imran Yunus, the Managing Director of Yuasa Investments in relation to the shooting a few weeks ago of another man at Zebra Point bar in Kansanga.

But this is a mere tip of the iceberg in Kampala’s new underworld of illicit sex trade, human trafficking and gang wars within sections of the expatriate community that have sucked in the police and department of immigrations.

The shooting was reported to Kabalagala Police station by Ravi Singh, the proprietor of Zebra Point. The O/C CID Kabalagala, one Katungi,who initially investigated the case told Daily Monitor when he visited the bar, a secluded hangout for wealthy expatriates, there was blood on the floor. The bouncers at the joint said they heard a shot amidst a commotion and a power blackout but to date no gun or spent cartridges have been recovered from the scene.

"We recorded a case of threatening violence and malicious damage to property but the file has since been called by my bosses because of the high level interest in the case" Katungi said. The victim of the shooting, one Asifu, was reportedly admitted at Bai Medical Center in Old Kampala but refused to cooperate with the police.

" He is hostile. Our officers went to interview him but he denied being shot. We think this is an issue concerning feuding expatriates," a source close to the investigation said, adding that the police was helpless because of "big names and big people" involved.

The questioning of Imran, who was identified as the shooter, reported by Ravi Singh, came after several days and no one has offered an explanation as to why an alleged gunman was not asked by the police or other security officials to make a statement or produce his firearm certificate.

In several interviews with Daily Monitor, Imran, who claims to be a government informant on the illegal activities of his fellow aliens of Indian and Pakistani origin, says he is a victim of blackmail. He however admits visiting the bar on that fateful day but says he was on a mission to uncover its illegal activities. He says it was Ravi who fired the gun.

" Unfortunately they came to know that I am the one leaking information to Immigration about illegal migrants. I am now being threatened and I am afraid for my life" Imran said.

Police and Immigration officers raided Zebra Bar last week arresting six men, three men and three girls in what was supposed to be a bust of a brothel offering Indian girls trafficked from India and forced to work as sex slaves here. The girls, identified as Minu, Chakrravty and Asina, were deported with unusual efficiency by Immigration officials who rapidly processed money for plane tickets for the trio. The men, whose names are Dinesh, Raja and Kabir together with Mrs Ravi are still jailed in Luzira. Her husband is on the run according to the police.