//Poll time prayers

Poll time prayers

Statesman News Service
KOLKATA, April 25: In a country where religion is a deeply personal matter, prayers are rarely offered aloud. However, with elections round the corner, things are changing ~ literally.
Whether politicians will get the desired results after their elaborate prayers is the question on everyone’s minds. Their candidate’s only hope is centered around winning the ticket to success after being given a ticket for the constituency.
Other than devout BJP members who are known for their religious tilt, those belonging to so-called “secular” political parties are also reportedly much in divine communion.
Mr Navratan Jhawar, BJP general secretary in Jorabagan, says: “The very mention of BJP invokes a sense of deep devotion. Irrespective of the results, praying prayers give a feeling of immense peace and tranquility when offered wholeheartedly.”
Mr Samik Bhattacharya, the BJP contestant from Shampukur, has been frequenting Ram Mandir ever since his nomination has been filed. “I am hopeful that his prayers will not be futile,” he said.
CPM MLA, Kum Kum Chakraborty, contesting from Behala, says, “It is one thing to visit a temple and another thing to earnestly profess devotion. I do not believe in the latter, that is in any show of devotion by elaborately offering prayers to God. If I visit any place of worship, be it a temple, church or mosque, it is solely for my visual delight and to take pleasure in the peaceful surrounding. “
Mr Sougata Roy, Trinamul, sitting MLA from Dhakuria, says, “It is customary for contestants filing nominations to express their reverence to God in anticipation of victory in the coming elections. I have also offered my heart-felt prayers in a most devout manner at Kalighat temple on the day I filed my nomination.”
Mr Roy also added that since it was a Hindu constituency, the question of visiting other places of worship like churches and mosques did not arise.
“I will visit the Kali temple again whenever I have an opportunity. It gives me great mental confidence and courage to be in the presence of the goddess of strength”, he added.