//Strike called on fake surrender

Strike called on fake surrender

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, April 29: As a part of protest movement against surrender drama allegedly stage managed by Assam Rifles by luring five innocent youths with false promises of providing jobs and demanding unconditional release of the youths, the Joint Action Committee Against Fake Surrender has called a 20 hours general strike with effect from midnight of May 2. A statement issued by the JAC warned that for any untoward incident during and after the strike, AR authorities should owe responsibility and State Govt would be accountable.

It accused the State Govt of failing to check rampant violation of human rights by security forces and several cases of torture of innocent civilians.

Comparing the present Manipuri society to a sinking boat, the JAC conveyed of a strong apprehension of total extinction of all indigenous races of Manipur as a result of ‘narco-warfare’ in addition to systematic pogrom being undertaken by security forces under the patronage of the Government of India.

Besides torture, murder, rape and gross violation of human rights, security forces taking advantage of abject poverty of the people have now initiated a new conspiracy of human trading, it alleged.

Instead of treating the people of the State as citizens of the country, security personnel are sacrificing numerous innocent lives of the State at the altar of their service promotion, it noted.

People of Manipur who are rendered worthless by the draconian Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act 1958 are now being treated just as a profitable commodity, it remarked.

Not only that, many innocent civilians are being forced to declare themselves as insurgents by way of threatening them with their lives or by means of false promises for money and jobs, asserted the JAC.

Observing that many innocent but gullible youths of rural areas have fallen victims to such conspiracy of security forces, it opined that it’s high time for all the people of Manipur to launch a massive movement against such high-handed conduct of security forces particularly Assam Rifles.

If the State Government fails to release the youths misguided by Assam Rifles without any condition, the JAC in association with Meira Paibis and other civil organisations of the State would launch a strong statewide agitation, it warned.

Calling for a united struggle against all such threats to the lives and rights of the people of Manipur, the JAC appealed to all the people of Manipur to extend their support to the JAC’s stand.

Expressing shock at the helpless condition shown by the Chief Minister even as all the wrongdoings and misdeeds of Assam Rifles have been unmask, it further cautioned that the people may go to the extent of boycotting elections for the incompetence of the legislators.