//Maldives frees 9 Malayalee workers

Maldives frees 9 Malayalee workers

Wednesday May 3 2006 11:22 IST

THIRUVANTHAPURAM: Nine of the 11 Malayalees who were arrested by the police in Maldives following a scuffle with local workers have been released.

As many as 58 Indians, who were working in a company at Fesdu Fun Island in Maldives, were arrested by the police last week. Most of the Malayalee workers in the group hail from Alappuzha and Kollam districts.

Non-Resident Keralites Affairs secretary Jiji Thomson, who contacted the first-secretary of the Indian Embassy in Maldives R K Sharma, told this website's newspaper that the scuffle broke out after the company authorities insisted on speeding up an on-going project. While the local workers agreed to it, the Indian workers insisted on more pay for more work.

The embassy authorities have stated that the issue was not very serious and was blown out of proportion. They also denied the allegation that the Malayalee workers held are imprisoned in cellular cells. The released Malayalee workers will return home this week itself, Jiji Thomson said.