//NHRC releases handbook

NHRC releases handbook

NEW DELHI: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Tuesday released a handbook on employment of persons with disabilities in the Government. Releasing the publication, NHRC chairperson Justice A.S. Anand emphasised that the approach to persons with disabilities needed to shift from "welfare" to a "rights-based" approach. "Litigation around disability issues is a living example of the indifference and ignorance on the part of State authorities," he said.

Speaking at the release, NHRC's Special Rapporteur on Disability Anuradha Mohit said the handbook was aimed at legal practitioners, administrators, labour lawyers and persons with disabilities. "The rules that govern reservation for employment of disabled persons in the government are so elaborate that any administrator would find it difficult to keep track," she said.

The handbook is the result of a project launched jointly with the Canadian Human Rights Commission in 2003, and has been compiled in collaboration with the Human Rights Law Network. Mr. Justice Anand also released a compilation of international human rights instruments in Hindi in three volumes.