//Holy cow! Rajnath enforces Hindutva

Holy cow! Rajnath enforces Hindutva

Press Trust Of India, Posted Tuesday , April 04, 2006 at 15:53

New Delhi: BJP president Rajnath Singh has asked governments in party-ruled states to stop cow slaughters and religious conversions and deport illegal Bangladeshi migrants.

Singh, who has asked BJP governments to implement the Hindutva agenda, was recently asked by VHP leader Ashok Singhal to prove his "Hindutva credentials" by doing something concrete.

"I have already asked the concerned states to take effective steps to ensure that cow slaughter and conversions are checked and illegal Bangladeshi immigrants are deported," he said.

"While some states have already put necessary legislation in place, others are in the process of doing so," Singh said but refused to comment on Singhal's statement.

"India has a Muslim President, a Sikh Prime Minister and a Christian heading the ruling coalition, a Parsi Field Marshal and a Sikh Army Chief because of its Hindu majority," he said and added that Sikhs were part of the Hindu community.

Singh, who will go on his first national Yatra from April 6, mid-term polls were possible in the country and the BJP was "fully prepared" for it.