//Shivananad is in Police custody, Con victims must wait

Shivananad is in Police custody, Con victims must wait

Con victims must wait

Wednesday, 3rd May, 2006, 7 Days, U.A.E

Traders cheated out of more than dhs20 million by an Indian national are still awaiting any news about their stolen goods.A fraudster, known by most as Shivanand, posed as the managing director of a trading company and fled with electrical equipment, clothes, stationary and other products.
“We were told by the police that the fraudster was nabbed at Abu Dhabi. They said he would be kept there for a few months before releasing him to Dubai,” one of the traders told 7DAYS.

The Indian consulate said that it is in contact with the police but had no news about if, or when, traders might be recompensed.