//RSS salutes Mahajan now, says he redefined BJP's politics

RSS salutes Mahajan now, says he redefined BJP's politics

AGENCIES[ MONDAY, MAY 08, 2006 12:12:41 AM]

NEW DELHI: The RSS, which shared a love-hate relationship with the late Pramod Mahajan, on Sunday showered encomiums on him likening him with former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and crediting him with “redefining BJP’s politics and priorities”.

“Like Rajiv Gandhi in the mid-1980s in the Congress, Pramod Mahajan redefined BJP’s politics and priorities. He brought in a new era in the party. He was the whiz kid of the BJP. He had perfectly networked his political progress and his influence tower and reach made even the party veterans hugely dependent on him.

“He changed the contours and substance of the party. The speed was frightening. Many could not agree, but his lustrous magnetic pull silenced all opposition,” said RSS mouthpiece Organiser in a front-page signed article by its editor R Balashankar.

In a rare tribute in the pages of the conservative weekly, the article said, “Both in life and in death, Mahajan defied logic. For the new breed of BJP leaders, Mahajan was a role model. For him ideology was an indispensable ingredient.

But without success ideology cannot sustain on its own and for success the dispensability of ideology cannot be disputed, he believed. He combined practical wisdom with organisational acumen.”

Apparently referring to the Sangh Parivar’s reservations about the late leader’s flamboyance and image, Organiser said, “He had an obvious disdain for the orthodox ways. He had no time for the old and the outdated.

His style and flamboyance raised many eyebrows. Everybody admired Mahajan, but all did not agree with him. Some feared a disconnect in the course it took and the tradition of the party.”

The article also reproduced a hand-written article by Mahajan in which the late leader said, “Ideology is like the two banks of a river. As long as a political party flows within these two banks it is a boom to the nation and the moment it crosses those banks it is a curse to the society.”

Paying tributes, another saffron publication Panchajanya said, “One young prime minister of India was killed in a bomb blast and a future prime minister was permanently put to sleep by bullets from a pistol.”

It said it was India’s misfortune or divine irony that the youths with some potential became victims of death. They included Rajiv Gandhi, Rajesh Pilot, Madhavrao Scindia and Pramod Mahajan.

“Pramod Mahajan is no more, but his speed, strength, ideological conviction, confidence in organisation and ideology above individual loyalties can only take the party forward. This would be the real tribute to Pramod Mahajan,” the signed article by Panchajanya editor Tarun Vijay said.