Fanaa´ Director Calls Gujarat CM Modi A Thug For Targetting Nationalistic Aamir

Actress Diya Mirza and 'Fanaa' director Kunal Kohli were the only two people from Bollywood who were with actor Aamir Khan for his support to the issue of rehabilitation of the affected people and the members of the NBA (Narmada Bachao Andolan). Aamir has made it clear that he is not against the construction of the dam and rehabilitation is his prime concern .But the reverse is being publicised , obviously for political mileageWhile Diya beat a hasty retreat from the Gujarat capital Ahmedabad , fearing for her life from Chief Minister Narendra Modi's supporters , Kohli has been quite bold and takes on the controversial CM .

Says Kohli , " “Who are the people condemning Aamir’s stand on the Narmada issue? They are a bunch of politicians — or should I say thugs? The latter word suits them to the T. They have mobilised hooligans to burn effigies, pull down posters and hurl shameful slogans at Aamir. I don’t understand how such cowardly violence can be tolerated in our country.

Let me remind thugs like Narendra Modi that it was during the Gujarat earthquake that Aamir Khan personally donated Rs 25 lakh as relief for the victims. Most of our politicians hardly made any contribution at that time. "