Wednesday May 10 2006 14:11 IST

SHIMOGA: Globalisation and communal thoughts were destroying the country and dalits should protest such destructive elements, said state convener of Dalit Sangarsha Samithi Lakshminarayan Nagavara.

He was speaking after inaugurating the seminar on ‘Social and economical thoughts of Ambedkar’ organised as part of 115th birthday of Dr B R Ambedkar held at Ambedkar Bhavan here on Tuesday.

Thoughts and perceptions of Ambedkar are still relevant. Only if, dalits aim at developing themselves they can withstand the impact of spreading globalisation.

Addressing the seminar, senior lecturer of Hampi University Dr V V Tarakeshwar said that dalits should unite together to gain social and economical equality in the society. Dalits should set right their own inequalities first. They should see that they give equality to women in their families, so that they become self-sufficient, he opined.

It is a misconception that reservation will hinder the growth of meritorious students.

They should try to understand the problem. Reservation will not spoil the education system. Measures should be taken to introduce reservation in private sectors too, he added.