//Kashmiris urge OIC to play role in Kashmir issue

Kashmiris urge OIC to play role in Kashmir issue


BIRMINGHAM, UK Tehreek-e-Kashmir: President Tehreek -e-Kashmir UK, Mohammad Ghalib has urged Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) to play its effective role in peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue.

He welcomed the statement of the Secretary General of the Organization of slamic Conference that development of positive relations between the OIC and India can not be achieved without just solution of Kashmir dispute. He aid OIC, the sole representative body of Islamic world should come forward and help stop atrocities being inflicted on people of Kashmir by India army in held valley and should pressurize Indian leadership to stop human rights violation in the valley. President Tehreek -e- Kashmir said that it was India who always rejected OIC resolutions on Kashmir and barred the OIC representatives and fact finding mission to visit to the Occupied Kashmir.
He said now is the time for OIC to take practical steps against India and support Kashmiri people who are struggling for their right of self etermination recognized and promised to them in a series of UN Security Council Resolutions.

He said over 700,000 Indian troops have tried over 17 years to brutally uppress the Kashmiri struggle and more than 90,000 Kashmiri have paid the ultimate sacrifice of their lives for freedom.
He said India must be made to realize that it cannot succeed in its strategy of military suppression of the Kashmiris. "Its confrontation with freedom loving people of the valley is dangerous and pointless," he said He expressed the hope that the OIC would continue to uphold the Kashmir’s' right of self determination and would also take concrete measures to help aterialize the legitimate struggle of Kashmiri people.