//Aralam Farm issue: Talks fail

Aralam Farm issue: Talks fail

Tuesday May 16 2006 11:34 IST

KANNUR: A meeting of the representatives of tribal organisations, convened by the District Collector here to find an amicable settlement to the distribution of Aralam Farm land among the Adivasis and diffuse the tense situation caused by the unlawful occupation of the land by Adivasi families, failed to arrive at any decision.

Even as the leaders of the tribal organisations came out of the meeting, presenting their demands and proposals on the issue, District Collector K S Srinivas said he has nothing to say and that no decision has been taken at the meeting. He couldn’t even say whether the talks would continue at any stage in future.

More than 1,000 Adivasi families have occupied the Aralam Farm land without any government permission. The government could so far distribute land among 840 families in the Farm.

The Adivasi families have so far refused to vacate the land despite several official warnings and even after the expiry of a deadline fixed by the authorities for the purpose.

Talking to media persons after the meeting, M Geethanandan, general secretary of the Rashtriya Maha Sabha, said that Adivasi families living around the Aralam Farm had never been taken into confidence by the Revenue authorities while preparing a detailed plan for the distribution of the land at Aralam.

The interests of Adivasis living in the colonies around the Aralam Farm also were ignored by the Revenue officials who prepared a random list of families and offered them land.

M Geethanandan, general secretary of the Rashtriya Maha Sabha, coming out after a meeting convened at Kannur on Monday by the District Collector failed to evolve a settlement on the Aralam Farm land issue.