//Maid's plea spurs probe by Indian embassy in Bahrain

Maid's plea spurs probe by Indian embassy in Bahrain

By Begena George, Gulf Daily News, 16th May 200

THE case of the Indian housemaid who had appealed to be rescued from what she says is five months of suffering inflicted by her Bahraini sponsor is being investigated by the Indian Embassy.

Even though she has been isolated from making any contact with the outside world, she had managed to send a letter addressed to the Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam (BKS) with the help of the neighbour's housemaid.

In her letter, she has begged to be sent back to her country, as she could no longer take the way her employer is mistreating her.

The letter had been forwarded to the Indian embassy that has in turn asked the manpower recruitment agency that brought her to Bahrain, to submit all details of the housemaid's passport and visa in order to investigate into the matter.

Indian Ambassador Balkrishna Shetty said a thorough investigation into the source of the letter and the issues mentioned in it would be carried out.

"We have taken the allegations mentioned in the letter very seriously and have already started an investigation into the matter," Mr Shetty told the GDN.

"The officials of the embassy have been sent to speak to the concerned recruitment agency through which we intend to contact the woman's employer to know about the other side of the story."

According to the letter, the housemaid is not being given a single decent meal even once a day or proper clothing, which has driven her to picking up discarded garments from the garbage bins in the neighbourhood.

The letter also claims that she is not allowed by her employer to use the air-conditioner even during the extreme hot summer and is thus forced to spend the whole night pouring cold water over her head and applying water-soaked towels to her body.

The BKS general secretary Madhu Madhavan said the housemaid, who arrived in Bahrain last December, has requested not to reveal her identity, believing that it will lead to further suffering by her employer. The woman claims in the letter that she is not even aware of the kind of visa she is residing here on or the locality in which she stays.