//Malayali nursing students harried at Bangalore college

Malayali nursing students harried at Bangalore college

Tuesday May 16 2006 11:35 IST

KOZHIKODE: Around 30 Malayali students from the Noor College of Nursing, Bangalore, have come up with allegations of severe harassment by the college management.

“We were being tortured, both physically and mentally, by the college management for the past three years,” students told media persons at a press conference organised by the Kerala chapter of the SIO (Students Islamic Organisation).

Thirty five out of the total 40 students in the first batch (2003-04) at the college are from Kerala.

Students said that the construction of the college building had begun only after they joined the college and that they were “made to do hard labour like cleaning the floors of the building and loading and unloading the furniture.

Students who were reluctant to do the job were physically assaulted by the chairman himself,” they alleged.

They said that any student who dared to complain was threatened to be booked under drug abuse charges and was treated with third rate physical torture.

“Such students were flogged with leather belts in front of other students. There were instances when students were kicked, dragged through the building, spat upon and their hair cut by chairman. A student was kicked in the groin and beaten up for almost 45 minutes.”

Students also alleged that they were forced to pay huge amount of money as fine for small reasons like being late for classes. The mess fee has to be paid during holidays as well and anyone who wanted to stay outside the college hostel had to pay a fine of Rs 750, they said.

During the first year, they said, there were no classes and not even a day of hospital duty. “There was only six days of hospital practice during the second year,” they said.

The chairman, they said, even threatened to kill those who raised complaints, citing his contacts and influences. “One student who left the institute, unable to bear the harassment, had to come back after the chairman threatened that he would be booked for drug trafficking and would be put behind bars.”

The management also has threatened to fail them in the forthcoming exams, they said. The students finally informed their parents and all except five, who had exams on May 12 and 13, left for home. They said that they fear the management would take revenge on them for revealing things to media.