//Ayan Hirsi Ali, Just Another Fraud

Ayan Hirsi Ali, Just Another Fraud


Tuesday, 16 May 2006

hirsi_aliGiving an Islamophobe more attention than they deserve is perhaps not ideal, but sometimes there is nothing like exposing a liar, cheat and above all a hater of Islam and Prophet Muhammad. Hirsi Ali, whose real name is Hirshi Magan, fits this bill perfectly.

Ayan Hirsi Ali, a Dutch MP (oh no, not the Dutch) claimed she was on the run from Somalia, after being forced into a marriage where she was routinely abused. She wrote a short documentary denouncing Islam's treatment of women which also featured naked women with verses from the Koran painted on their bodies. She also claimed Prophet Muhammad  was the same as Saddam Hussein (I wonder how much Saddam paid her for that). However a recent documentary in the Netherlands exposed her for what she really is.

It started a week ago when a Dutch TV documentary “Zembla” revealed that; Ayaan Hirshi Ali’s asylum seeking story based on lies.

See “Zembla” here (Dutch language, parts of the documentary are in English …her appearance in the US 60 minutes TV program and interviews with her family in Somalia and Kenya)

Zembla (video): De heilige Ayaan = Holy Ayaan.

She lied about her name, her age, she wasn’t in Somalia at time of Somalia-war, she was safe in Kenya and she wasn’t forced married as she said.

Ayaan said in her press-conference, she is quitting but the reality is she had no choice because she will be kicked out from the parliament any way and today the government announces that Ayaan’s passport will be seized.

Ayaan offered a job in the US, the US ambassador in the Netherlands assured Ayaan that what’s happened in Netherlands will not effect her job in the US.


"A Dutch television documentary, aired last week, featured interviews with Ms Hirsi Ali's family in which her claims of an arranged marriage were denied. The programme also alleged that, contrary to her claims of having fled a war zone in Somalia, the MP had lived in comfortable upper middle-class circumstances safely in Kenya for at least 12 years before she sought refugee status in the Netherlands in 1992. Her family home – which is large and comfortable by Kenyan standards – was shown in the programme."

This is a huge fall from grace for the prominent Dutch MP, after having won numerous awards for "bravery" and "free speech", including a mention in TIMES magazine as one of the most influential thinkers of 2005. Although there are few awards for lying and deceit, her name must surely be on the shortlist.

"When interviewed by the highly-respected Zembla TV programme, Ms Hirsi Ali's family members denied she had been forced into marriage against her will to her former husband, a Somalian man who now lives in Canada, or that she had not been present at the wedding ceremony, as she had previously claimed. The couple are said to have parted amicably and her family denied that she had fled a marriage she did not want.

Ms Hirsi Ali, whose real name is Hirsi Magan, pretended she had come to the Netherlands from Somalia, rather than via Kenya and Germany. Refugees are usually required to apply for asylum in the first safe country they reach after fleeing."

 “Ayan Hirsi Ali” is the creation of “Dutch guilt psychology”

Ayan Hirsi Ali became the most well known European politician and even recently she nominated as the European of the year.

Many Media, people, websites and Blogs discuss her ideas but I didn’t saw one person ask this question.

What is so special about Ali that she achieved in 4-5 years what many politicians normally need at least 15 years to achieve the same status?

So this is the answer:

People look at Holland as a small liberal country who most of the time is neutral and trying to avoid world conflicts and that is right but it wasn’t so centuries ago.

A glimpse of Dutch history:

We are now in the middle of the 17th century where Spain occupied most of South America and started sugar plantation, but there was one big problem:

The Spanish Crown was opposed to doing business with foreign heretics.

To solve this problem Spain needed an intermediatory,  with the Dutch are already started transporting slaves to their occupied Caribbean islands (also called A, B, C islands referring to Aruba, Bonaire en Curacao) sporadicly, the Dutch thought it’s a big opportunity to start a major scale slave trade business and this how it’s all started (I don’t want to go deep in this subject but if you need to read more on the subject then “Dutch/Belgium Black pages” is a good source…scroll down and you will find “(Dutch role in) slavery and the slave-trade” time line).

Now, back to our time the Dutch abandoned Slaves trading  but something that couldn’t get rid off until today, and that is “the guilt feeling“, it is so deep in every Dutch psychology that you can even feel it in daily life.

Black people in Dutch conscious represent oppression, I am not psychology analyst so I can’t use difficult psychological terminology but I will use some examples to make the point clear: 

All these years I was here in Holland, I saw the Queen (Beatrix) visiting asylum centers three times, asylum centers contains people from different countries and ethnic groups (Iranians, Iraqi, Bosnians, Chinese), while Africans are the minority in these AC’s the queen make sure that her image on TV is sitting with Blacks, talking to Blacks and listen to Blacks and not other nationality/ethic groups.

Another example

Ask any Dutch including fanatic Christians, Q:  “if there is a god, who does he look like?”
Don’t get surprised when you hear an answer like this one:

“He is she and not he, she is a black woman”.

A woman represents “weakness” and a “black Woman” represents variability but yet she is a god a powerful image.

This scenario fit exactly with Ayan Hirsi Ali, being the black African woman and for the first time in Dutch parliament (there were no black persons in Dutch parliament before).

Ali joined the (PVDA) party = (labour) party in her first five years in political life but later she left the labour party and joined the (VVD) party = (extreme right) and her explanation w

Labour party don’t give her enough room to criticize.

In plain English she was looking for backup.

The extreme right needed a foreigner to “shoot the first bullet” so they can legitimate their critics.
At that time and till now we were in a situation that if Ali sneezes the next day Dutch media will put it in the front page and politicians will analyze her sneeze.

But now, she is going to work for the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a conservative Washington think tank with zionist controle. The institute was founded in 1943 and is seen as one of the most important advisors to the government of George Bush. (seems to be, Bush is hiring every liar in the world)


Dutch MP to quit amid asylum row.

Somali-born Dutch MP to resign, leave The Netherlands