//Please JOIN pro-reservation agitation in Delhi

Please JOIN pro-reservation agitation in Delhi

Join Dharna at Jantar Mantar, Delhi  from 22nd May 2006


Please call Anoop- 0-9313432410  or Vikash-011-20026832

Dear Friends,

Students Campaign for claim on Nation has decided to start its campaign on 21st May evening by holding a public meeting in favour of reservation in JNU. From 22nd morning we will start our Dharna in front  of Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. Some of us will go on hunger strike. We  will start with relay hunger strike with more students joining in. The aim of our hunger strike and dharna is to mobilise more students, youths as well as other professionals to come out in support of  Reservation policy and to oppose the castist biases of Media, Academiaand black mail of castist medical students and doctors  and also to force government to fulfill its constitutional obligation effectively.

We are in contact with pro-reservation students from different parts of the country. Many of them have assured their participation in our protest in Delhi. Within a week we are hoping to have students from each universities and professional institutions sitting on hungerstrike and dharna in Delhi. Right now our plan is to focus our protest in Delhi only. Given our limited means it will be appropriate for us to focus our agitation at one place. With the time period gradually we can coordinate with students from other part of the country and bringall of us under one Umbrella and make concerted efforts.

We call students from various part of the country to flood Delhi in  coming days. We are small group of students without any financial means so it is must that those students who can afford traveling and staying in Delhi should come. The only thing we can do is to provide them the space in our rooms for their stay.

It is most important that our intellectuals and scholars should join us. We appeal to them to come to Delhi and at least stay with us for one day. This will boost our confidence and help us to mobilise more support from student community. We also appeal our professionals to come to Delhi, if possible, or support us in what ever way they feel they can.


The main rationale behind our agitation are

1. Anti-reservationist has provided us a golden opportunity to bring caste discourse in mainstream. As we all are aware of the fact that media, accademia and civil society always maintain conspiratory silence on horrors of caste system and always try to hide caste baseddiscrimination and inequality in the name of merit. In fact they have till now successfully denied us the space to speak, raise our concerns since independence. Now they only, by default, have provided us an opportunity to organise and fight caste based discrimination;

2. This is also an historic opportunity for us to pressurise Indian government to take stock of its measures for empowerment of underprivileged and demand effective implementation of such government policies;

3. To oppose elitist and castist biases in educational system of the country and to bust the myth of 'upper' caste merit

4. And the most important point is to claim our share in National resources that has been monopolised by 15-20% of the Indian Population based on caste system. It is high time that we demand effective land reforms for landless people which constitute mostly SC/ST/OBCs.


1. Government must fulfill its constitutional obligations by implementing reservations for SC/ST/OBCs in all government jobs, private or government educational institutions,army,judiciary and super speciality courses.

2. Government should also make legal provisions for reservation in private sector for underprivileged.

3. Government must bring out a White Paper on reservation policy. It is must so as to know how far it has been implemented. It is fact that not even 50 % of reservation is being fulfilled by ruling brahminical class of the county. They have denied us the maximum benefits ofreservation policy till now.

4. Effective land reforms are must for empowerment of SC/ST/OBCs.So we demand government to carry land reforms in every part of the country.

5. We also demand to amend castist & elitist biases in our education system by  a. redesigning the syllabuses to generate awareness about caste based discrimination and inequality;

  b. providing non-brahminical, anti-caste icons prominent space and to remove completely brahminical myths and misconceptions, taught tous, in the name of National History and Culture.

    c. Ban all coaching classes for IAS, IIMs, Engineering, medical and such other courses

   d. Restructuring competitive exams to remove biases that favours elite class/caste students

   e. compulsory couses of history, political science, sociology for students from technical and professional institutes.

    f. More recruitment of faculties in premier institutions from underprivileged background to correct the caste imbalance and to break the monopoly of brahmanical people over such institutions and to provide opportunity for blossoming of real merit, efficiency andexcellence.

   g. Higher education must be provided in regional languages or all primary schools must be in English medium
    h. Government must spend 10% of GDP on Education focusing on quality primary education for underprivileged

6. We demand punishment for anti-reservation protesters for hurting sentiments and showing their castist nature by sweeping roads, cleaning shoes and raising castist slogans.

7. We condemn castist Indian media for instigating the protest against  reservations and providing space to biased. one-sided, castist coverage. We also demand for punishment of  journalists, cartoonist, editors for making fun of SC/ST/OBCs and casting aspersion on themerit of SC/ST/OBCs without any concrete proof or datas and thusshowing its true castist nature.



Anoop- 0-9313432410

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