//CLMC condemns the extension of ban on SIMI

CLMC condemns the extension of ban on SIMI

Calls ban one more black spot on Indian democracy

Hyderabad: Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India (CLMCI) strongly condemns the attitude of Govt of India led by UPA towards the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). It is a matter of deep concern that Govt of India has again extended the ban on SIMI. This decision is undemocratic, unfair and against the Constitution of India. It proves that the Congress-led govt also follows the same path of the previous BJP-led NDA govt. CLMC believes that the extension of ban proves that Congress too is under the clutches of Hindutva fascist forces. This extension of ban is to please certain elements and to send a strong signal to the US that India is a more loyal
partner than Pakistan.

The govt extended the ban keeping in view votebank politics. In other words, sharper the Muslim reaction greater would be the consolidation of Hindu votebank. In addition to this, the move to extend the ban on SIMI contains a direct threat to the political assertion of Muslim community.

CLMCI believes that the extension of ban is one more black spot on Indian democracy. By extending the ban Congress govt not only betrayed the Muslim community, it also demonstrated that Muslims are not permitted to enjoy their fundamental and democratic rights as other organizations are enjoying. In a democratic society everyone has a right to express and propagate their ideology.

When RSS and its ilk are free to spread hate which leads to the spread of Hindutva terrorism all over the country which in turn causes the death of many people, demolition of Babri Masjid and due to which Gujarat genocide took place. These elements are free to publish hate literature, hold arms training in camps for men and women, but Govt of India does not want to take any action against the RSS and its affiliated gangs which are the greatest threat to national security, integrity and communal harmony. But the Govt imposed the ban on SIMI and extended it without any hesitation only because it is a Muslim organization.

Despite raids on SIMI offices all over the country, not a single weapon was seized. No court has convicted any of the SIMI activists. This double standard of Govt of India endangers the secular and democratic structure of India.

CLMCI is against the ban on any organization because ban is against our democratic and fundamental rights. CLMCI demands the Govt of India to lift the ban and restore democratic rights of Indian citizens. [20 May, 2006]

Sd/- Lateef Mohd Khan
G. Secretary,
Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India
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