//Gulbarga : VHP Plan for Communal riots

Gulbarga : VHP Plan for Communal riots

Monday May 22 2006

GULBARGA: VHP and Bajrang Dal have complained that the 600-year-old Mahadeva Linga, also known as Keshava Chetana Linga, has been missing from Aland town for the last few days and they alleged it has been removed by Muslims.

VHP’s organising secretary Mallikarjun Advani alleged that the Linga had been removed by certain muslims  active in the town. He alleged 'jehadi forces'  were planning to create communal rift.

Advani has urged the administration to arrest the culprits and take stern action against them. If the Linga was not recovered within a week an agitation will be launched. 

The Baba Budan giri Dargah in Karnataka  has been repeatedly brought to fore and the Sangh brigade aims to convert it into Ayodhya of South. Every year they are holding a rally to declare that it is Datta Pitham, which has been converted by Muslims rulers into a Dargahg. In currentyear ís function, the peace protesters were arrested in large number while the state Government silently watched the rally by Sangh Parivar, which spewed poison against minorities.

Muslims in Godhra were presented as the culprits and the whole genocide was presented as a reaction to the burning of the train. The facts revealed later by various enquiry commissions, underlines  the state of the affairs and the manipulation of events by sangh parivar outfits.

Before every communal riots, Sangh parivar always come up with similar rumours backed by  its journalist network. Their  fabricated conspiracy theory will also a lead ' to a collaboration with the ISI or an LeT module and international terrorism'.

Communalism is rising by default in Karnataka, it is as much the success of the long work of sangh parivar and its political formation, BJP is in power.