//A new book on Aligarh Movement to be released by Arjun Singh

A new book on Aligarh Movement to be released by Arjun Singh

New Delhi, May 23 (IMI). Aligarh Muslim University has a special place in India. It is an institution that is regarded as symbol of progress of Indian Muslims, therefore it is no surprise that it continues to be a target of attacks on forces bent on harming Muslims interests in India.

A book on the Aligarh Movement and AMU founder Sir Syed Ahmed Khan by Tariq Hasan provides a fresh glimpse into the life of one of the great Indian personalities of all times. The book is “The Aligarh Movement and the Making of the Indian Muslim Mind 1857-2002” is published by Rupa and will be released in a function here in New Delhi by Arjun Singh, minister for Human Resources Development. Prof. Mushirul Hasan, Vice-Chancellor of Jamia Milia Islamia and M.Hamid Ansari, Chairman of National Minorities Commission of India will also be present on this occassion.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the founder of the Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College now known as the Aligarh Muslim University, was what one may call a complete individual — educationist, philanthropist, administrator, leader, and most importantly a self-made man who was, even by today's standards, staunchly secular. It is perhaps ironical that the challenges Sir Syed faced in his lifetime were also in subsequent years, and indeed to this day, faced by the institution he founded.

The book provides a historically relevant perspective to the story of Sir Sayyid and the AMU, and brings it up to date. The author uses rare archival matter, and but for this book, those documents would have been lost forever. The author's insights into the life and times of Sir Sayyid are perhaps helped by the fact that he is a descendant of Maulvi Samiullah Khan, one of the co-founders of the institution.

Tariq Hasan, is an Aligarh based journalist. He joined the Aligarh Muslim University in 1965. After a brief stint in industry, he entered the field of journalism in 1975. He has worked with The Pioneer (Lucknow), The Patriot (New Delhi), The Times of India (New Delhi) and the Press Trust of India (PT1).

His main sphere of interest lies in Muslim affairs and environment and wildlife issues. He has covered the affairs of AMU for more than two decades. He was president of India's nominee at the AMU court for three years. His family was closely associated with the establishment of the Aligarh Muslim University and the freedom movement.

Noted Political scientist Professor Shan Muhammad, former chairman, department of political science, Aligarh Muslim University noted that Mr. Tariq Hasan’s analytical work on the Aligarh Movement has, to a large extent, revealed the trend of Muslim political mind from 19th century to the present time. His research has unearthed some unusual material. He has been quite objective in dealing with some of the most crucial and
controversial periods of India’s political history. Such studies will assist the Indian nation to shun narrow doubts about a movement which has contributed equally to the freedom movement of the country.

The function is organized by Sir Syed Foundation on Thursday, 25th May 2006 at 6.30 pm at
Committee Room No.1, India International Center at Max Muller Marg in New Delhi.

“The Aligarh Movement and the Making of the Indian Muslim Mind 1857-2002” authored by Mr. Tariq Hasan, noted journalist and published by Rupa & Co, 7/16, Ansari Road, Dariyaganj, New Delhi ( Rs 500).