//Kashmir sex scandal: CBI identification parade continues

Kashmir sex scandal: CBI identification parade continues

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

New Delhi – A probe into the sex scandal that has rocked Jammu and Kashmir for the past month continued Tuesday as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) kept up an identification parade of the accused for the third consecutive day.

‘The victim has already identified six people and two of them are in judicial custody,’ Vivek Dubey, joint director of the Special Crime wing of CBI, said here.

He said five people, including a police officer, a restaurant owner and a doctor, were Tuesday paraded in front of the 16-year-old victim – who was being exploited for the past three years – in Srinagar.

Dubey said the victim had provided three different lists of people who were involved in the scandal.

‘The first list is of the persons who had exploited her sexually while the second list contains the names of those who used to visit the brothel regularly,’ he said.

He added that the third list contained the names of women and girls who used to work as sex workers or visit the brothel.

‘It is a long list of nearly 56 people and there are names of all sections of society, including a deputy inspector general (DIG) of the Border Security Force (BSF), local politicians, doctors, lawyers, senior police officers and hoteliers,’ said Dubey.

‘Recently, we have also arrested the person who had made pornographic films of the minor,’ said Dubey. ‘She has identified him as Shabbir Langu,’ he added.

He said the CBI had a fair idea that more such films could be recovered during the investigations and more names would crop up as investigations progressed.

Dubey added that local police had also registered 14 cases against brothel owners and people visiting these places and were trying to tighten the noose on them.

‘We are also inquiring about the role of the local police that had not taken any action on the brothel owner although they knew about the racket,’ said Dubey.

He said the minor was being exploited for the past three years and there were many girls who were forced into the trade. ‘The brothel owner and her accomplices used to make pornographic films of young girls and would then force them into the trade,’ said Dubey.

The sex scandal first came to light when the victim registered a case against the prime accused, Sabeena, in early May. The girl named over 56 people, including some high profile personalities, in her complaint.

The Jammu and Kashmir High Court directed the CBI May 19 to conduct an identification parade of the people named in the case.