//Total bandh called on June 1 over census issue in Manipur

Total bandh called on June 1 over census issue in Manipur

The Imphal Free Press

Senapati, May 28: The one day consultative meeting on the cancellation of 2001 Census of three sub-division namely Mao-Maram, Paomata and Purul in Senapati District by the Manipur state government and the Central government was organized by Committee On 2001 Census under the aegis of Naga People’s Organisation (Tahamjam) today at Mini Stadium, Senapati District Headquarter.

The meeting was attended by various political parties, Naga tribes Hohos, students bodies, women bodies, lawyers, social activists and others from all walk of life, who share their grievances against the arbitrary constitutional injustice done to thousands of people of three sub-divisions in Senapati by canceling their electoral roll from the Census of India 2001. The census 2001 report doesn’t include them following the census cancellation ordered by J.k.Banthia, Registrar General, India & Census Commissioner at the behest of Gauwahati High Court’ order dated 24, Febraury 2004, the letter written by O.Ibobi Singh, Chief Minister of Manipur on 24, June, 2003, and the State Cabinet decision to cancel the census of three sub
division due to apparent abnormal growth of population.

Keeping in view of the paramount priority of the people, various social leaders, NGO’s and individuals share their views to redress the great constitutional injustice meted out to thousands of people by both the Ministry of Home Affairs and government of manipur by removing their electoral rights enjoyed by any other citizens of India.

The house came up with a consensus to redress their grievances through proper channel to all officials of both state and Central Government and fight for their rights empowered to them by the Indian Constitution.

The seven members Committee on 2001 Census have also been authorized to take up any possible steps regarding the matter in the future.

In the press release, the house also resolved to impose a total bandh on 1st June, 2006 demanding their constitutional rights and justice from the State Government and Central, on which all business shops and government offices will remain closed and no movement of transportations systems shall be allowed on the National Highway 39 on the day.

As per the Census report of India 2001, the census of three sub-divisions occupied by Nagas is excluded from the report due to abnormal growth of population in ten years time, according to Census officials. Statistic report indicates that Mao-Maram has total population of 1, 20,774 (provisional) and 69,131 (Final HDS) which make difference 51,563 population. Paomata had 43,299 population (provisional) and 27,065 (final HDS) with 28,793 difference.Purul sub-division has 59,705 (provisional) and 30,912 (Final HDS) with 28,793 population difference.

Therefore, the total provisional population of Senapati as counted by the Census Department is 3,79,214. The final figure taken by HDS-Stats.Deptt is 2, 83,621, which is less by 95,593.