//Muslim community opposes new marriage registration act in Rajasthan

Muslim community opposes new marriage registration act in Rajasthan

By Lokendra Singh, Jaipur,  29 May, 2006, ANI

 The recent decision of Rajasthan Government making marriage registration mandatory for all has drawn flak from the local leaders of Muslim community here.

From May 23rd, it has become compulsory for all, irrespective of religious beliefs, to register their marriages. The rule has come into force following Supreme Court orders issued in February and the Rajasthan government proclaiming it as an ordinance after getting it signed from the Governor.

According to Muslim leaders, they do not believe in marriage registration since it is not allowed as stated in Shariyat laws. The leaders want the government not to interfere with the centuries old Muslim marriage system.

"From the time of Maharajas, we have had their approval to solemnise a marriage and register it. We had records some even dating back to 160 years. So the government should recognise the Qazi for marriage registration and it will pose no problem," said Khadim Usmani, the Chief Qazi, Jaipur

The Muslim community is of the view that there should not be two systems of marriage registration. As the present system of marriage requires registration by a Qazi and a marriage certificate issued by him. This is followed for ages. There is no need for any other system for marriage registration.

Government has brought this ordinance after the instructions of Supreme Court.

But the government is unwilling to buy such argument. It says marriage registration would be compulsory for people of all communities in the State. It will be a great help in all government related formalities like ration cards, land registry and various other dealings. And, all this could be easily done only when an applicant produces a marriage certificate issued by government authorities.

"This is a great step taken by the government of Jaipur. The marriage registration should be done within 30 days and the fee for it is very nominal. If the people register their marriage, this will be helpful as in many government dealings that is why marriage registration is required," said Bhawani Singh Rajawant, Minister of Information and Publicity

Meanwhile, people from non-Muslim community are happy with this new law but they are not satisfied with the present infrastructure.

"Well it's good for the future. There are many reason and in many places where marriage registration is a must, so it good that it is implemented," said Ishan, a Marriage Registration applicant.