//Quota supporters jam Hutatma Chowk with 3,000 strong rally

Quota supporters jam Hutatma Chowk with 3,000 strong rally

Pro-reservationists came together in a 3,000-strong rally

Santosh Andhale, Mumbai Mirror, MUMBAI, Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Twenty-five days after the anti-reservationists hit the roads to protest Union Human Resource Development minister Arjun Singh’s education quota plans, a 3,000-strong rally came together in support of reservations at Hutatama Chowk on Monday.

The large gathering, which included students from management colleges, chartered accountants and IITians, brought traffic to a halt at Fort’s most important road junction.

Many pro-reservation groups including Prakash Ambedkar’s Bharip Bahujan Mahasangh and SC/ST/OBC Students’ and Teachers’ Association had organised this demonstration to voice their opinion that the quota system would go a long way in uplifting those who have faced the brunt of caste machinations for many years.

“The anti-reservation protesters seem to be saying that they the ones who are talented and good at academics. But that is highly debatable. They are basically worried that once reservations come in the good colleges that are now the preserve of the rich upper-caste people will not remain that way,” said a protester.

“Reservations give rise to merit. Several of us who have not been able to make it for the last few years will get a chance once the reservation policy is implemented. Once we get admissions into good colleges, our standard of living will get better and that only helps the nation,” said a protester.

Sanjay Vairal, Mumbai
Dr Rela, who came down from London to treat the late Pramod Mahajan, is also from an OBC. He was admitted at Chennai Medical College on a reserved seat  

Sai Thakur IIT, Mumbai
I don’t understand why people are opposed to the idea of reservations. The majority of the people at my institution are from the open category  

Ratish IIT, Mumbai
People opposing the reservation policy have been congregating in large numbers. It was time for people supporting the policy to also be heard