//Sadhu hacks wife, daughter over superstitous beliefs

Sadhu hacks wife, daughter over superstitous beliefs

Ferozepore (Punjab), 29 May, 2006 , ANI:

In a bizarre incident in Ferozepur, a superstitious sadhu hacked his wife and daughter to death to get rid of two evil spirits that he believed were staying in the house in the form of his wife and daughter.

He attacked his wife and daughter with a knife and dumped their bodies on a railway crossing. Thereafter, he confessed to his crime.

"The entire family had a problem of being possessed.There was always some problem always.He took the wife and child at night and threw them at the railway crossing at 4 in the morning.He came and told us later. The entire family is possessed by spirits," said Laabh Singh, a neighbour.

"I reached the spot at 9.30 am and registered a case under Sec 144.The wife's brother visited the police station and gave his statement, under which we have registered a case of murder under IPC 302. It is case number 18 in the court," said Mohan Singh, a railway police official.

Sewaknath, the accused has stated before the police that he was made to do the act by his possessed energy that had told him about two spirits having entered his house in the form of a mother-daughter duo.

"When you're out of your mind, then you don't come to know what is it that you're doing.Everybody in the family and the village knows that this is the work of forces from outside.Somebody from Barnala has done something on us," said Sewaknath, accused.

The police officials claim that the murders took place due to superstition and that Sewaknath's family used to mislead people into supetitious beliefs.