//Fascism emerging as a threat, says Academics

Fascism emerging as a threat, says Academics

Gorakhpur, May 30

ACTIVISTS OF various social and cultural organisations expressed solidarity with film star Aamir Khan over the ‘Fanaa’ controversy and said Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was violating the Constitution of India.

They said Modi should resign from his post if he took a stand Aamir Khan and his statement regarding rehabilitation of the people affected by the Narmada Dam project.  In a joint Press conference, People’s Forum coordinator Prof RK Manti Tripathi and Dr Aziz Ahmad, vice president of Gorakhpur Teachers’ Association Dr Chandrabhushan Ankur, former president of Gorakhpur Press Club Anand Rai, coordinator of Jan Sanskriti Manch Ashok Chaudhary, Manoj Singh and president of Lok Abhiyan Syed Akhtar said a ban on screening the film in Gujarat was against the spirit of the Constitution.

Prof Tripathi said that the issue is not limited to Gujarat and Aamir, but a trend was emerging wherein fascist forces were resorting to violence against people who disagreed with their ideology. He said this trend was very dangerous and it should be checked to save democracy and constitutional values.

Condemning the attitude of the Gujarat Government, Dr Aziz Ahmad said suppressing the voice of the people would no longer be tolerated in the society.

He said the supporters of believed in the Constitution and freedom of expression.

He even said that Narendra Modi should resign from his post and then launch a battle over the Narmada Dam issue.  Former president of Gorakhpur Journalist Association Anand Rai and vice-president of Gorakhpur University Teachers’ Association Dr Chandrabhushan Ankur said saffron forces and their nexus with capitalist forces had posed a serious challenge to the Constitution.