//Indian woman rescued from brothel, repatriated

Indian woman rescued from brothel, repatriated

Dubai, May 31: An Indian woman who was allegedly pushed into the flesh trade escaped from her employers and has been repatriated.

The young mother of one child was reportedly trapped in the sex racket by her Indian employers who brought her here in January. She escaped three weeks ago and was sent back by the Indian consulate yesterday.

According to the statement she gave to consular officials, the brothel was run by an Indian woman. The officials said three more Indian women were picked up from a brothel here on Monday.

"Indian authorities must tighten the regulations and make it impossible for single women to travel to Gulf countries where the rackets are so rampant," one Indian social worker was quoted as saying in Gulf today.

During his recent visit to the UAE, Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs Vayalar Ravi had promised stern action against Indian agents pushing women into sex rackets.