//Dalit Women Cultural Team

Dalit Women Cultural Team

Dear Friends  
We waited for sometime to tell you that our Dalit Women cultural   team is graduating into a professional team. On 24 May they gave  their first ever grand performance outside of Tumkur District.  

They were invited for the inauguration of the Biennial Conference  of the Student Christian Movement of India. The function was  organized at the United Theological College in Bangalore. Of course, as is natural, Team REDS had its jitters before the  starting of the program. But the performance of our Dalit Women  stupefied all of us. We were in full strength at the UTC to be  with our women, except Jyothi who is somewhere in South India  doing an evaluation of the Indian Social Institute. Jyothi really  missed this.  
Now, we make a formal announcement that you are most welcome to  invite our Dalit Women Cultural Team for your formal functions.  They have Dalit Art Forms which can be done from 30 to 45 minutes.  If you like also their Street Theatre it will be another 15 to 30  minutes, each drama taking about 15 minutes.  
Fees: We have fixed a nominal fee of Rs. 2000/- plus travel and  food for one programme. Apart from that these village Dalit girls  also perform in our village programmes. The village Dalit peoplecontribute Rs. 500/- for each programme. Our team never goes for  free performance. Jyothi and Raj inform us that this readiness to  contribute by our people for programmes, that too Rs. 500/- for a  single programme, is an enormous change in their life. They have  been following and accompanying all the transformation that is  taking place among the people.  
The next day Team REDS was busy interacting with a group of 35  Dalit Students from all over South India who wanted to get a  glimpse of the new approach of Team REDS for Dalit emancipation.  A fter a lot of discussion at REDS they also attended one of formal  inaugurations of the Dalit Panchayat in a village called  Bestrapalya, in Tumkur Taluk. This group was brought by the Indian  Social Institute, Bangalore. Next day, 26th May in Pavagada and on  27th in Madugiri were two grand celebrations of Dalit Panchayat  inaugurations and formation of Hobli DPs.  
We are all now intensively busy with the formation of Hobli Dalit  Panchayats. A Hobli is an administrative division of the  Government with about 50 villages. Even if we have formed only 10  
Dalit Panchayats in a Hobli we form the Hobli DPs. Some Hobli  leaders have had their initial hiccups. But largely it is very  good process that is going on. Totally we work in 45 Hoblis. The  
plan is to complete the formation of Hobli DPs in June around the  Festival of Dalit Women and then move on to form the Taluk Dalit  Panchayats in the month of August. The entire process will  
culminate in the formation of District Dalit Panchayat in 06  December which is the Festival of Dalit Ancestors. It is  celebration mood in Tumkur district. If everything goes according  to our visualization and with enough support it should not be a  problem to have a State level Dalit Panchayat within the next five  years. Team REDS has high hopes.   

Team REDS is also happy that the Dalit Panchayat leadership both  at the village level and at the organizational level is slightly  tilted towards women. There are more number of Dalit women leaders  a t all levels including team REDS.  

We take this opportunity to also wish you well for the Festival of  Dalit Women on 03 June. Together with Jyothi and Raj we wish you  all the blessings of Boosakthi and of all our Dalit Ancestors.