//Doctors in Tamil Nadu are all for reservation

Doctors in Tamil Nadu are all for reservation

Why the state loves it

Doctors in Tamil Nadu are all for reserved medical seats for OBC and SC/ST students

By PC Vinoj Kumar

Going against the dominant anti-reservation sentiment among medical students and professionals nationwide, doctors in Tamil Nadu are actually agitating in favour of increased quotas for backward caste candidates in medical colleges. The progressive Doctors’ Association for Social Equality (DASE), whose members include doctors and medical students, has been instrumental in forming a Campaign Committee for Reservation (CCR) that is spearheading the pro-quota struggle.

DASE has the support of political parties, lawyers, and various doctors’ associations, including the Tamil Nadu Government Doctors Association (TNGDA) and the state branch of Indian Medical Association (IMA). DASE has organised demonstrations and human chains in support of reservations in the state, and its members are drawing plans to work with likeminded outfits at the national level. “The Central government should implement the 27 percent quota for OBCs at the earliest without any dilution. It should not yield to pressures,” says Dr GR Ravindranath, general secretary, DASE and convenor of the CCR.


Jun 03 , 2006