//Just days ago, Sangh turned to Vaastu to ward off Parivar cloud

Just days ago, Sangh turned to Vaastu to ward off Parivar cloud

Vivek Deshpande, Indian Express

Friday, June 02, 2006

Sarsanghchalak sent a swayamsevak to Vizag to verify new building plan with senior Vaastu expert, reconstruction had begun

NAGPUR, JUNE 1:Terror has targeted the RSS at a time when it’s restructuring its building as per Vaastu Shastra to lift the Parivar’s fortunes.

2 weeks ago, in quiet meeting, IB chief told Sudarshan: you and RSS under threat

With no end to the problems of the Parivar, from the BJP losing power at the Centre to the fight within, RSS leaders were told by a young Vaastu expert to change the direction of the building front: the present south was inauspicious, it should be facing east.

“Yes, Vaastu is the main reason behind this exercise. If problems can be prevented this way, why not? Even the cadres have been discussing it. Some want to know why this belief in something never entertained by the RSS,” said a senior RSS follower.

RSS watcher Dilip Deodhar too confirmed the Vaastu exercise. “That’s true. RSS founder K B Hedgewar’s biography by N H Palkar mentions that Hedgewar laughed when the original owner of this place claimed it was haunted. Hedgewar joked that the swayamsevaks would chase out all evil.”

According to Deodhar, RSS chief K S Sudarshan specially sent a swayamsevak to Vishakhapatnam to a senior Vaastu expert to verify the building reconstruction plan submitted by Vaastu expert Abhishek Deshpande. “When they were satisfied, the reconstruction was taken up,” he said.

Deodhar recalled how the late RSS leader Moropant Pingle, who was also its all-India Bouddhik Pramukh (intellectual chief), was told about the direction of the Hedgewar memorial in Nagpur.

“When the RSS built the memorial, an expert told Pingle to change its orientation as it didn’t conform to Vaastu Shastra. Pingle asked him what Vaastu was. The man said ancient gurus have given it to us. Pingle told him we have built it according to our Guru’s (Golwalkar) direction. No question of changing it,” he said.

RSS Nagpur Mahanagar Sanghchalak Dilip Gupta, however, maintained that the building reconstruction was being done for “security and better utility”. “There was some concern about security. If Vaastu is also taken care of, what’s the harm? Many people consider Vaastu as science,” he said.

And today, after the terror attack bid, Indresh Kumar, the only senior RSS leader present in the building at the time of incident, said: “Vaastu takes care of everything, including security.”