//Rahul will be ok by June 12: Astrologer

Rahul will be ok by June 12: Astrologer

   By: Shramana Ganguly, Mid-Day, Mumbai
   June 3, 2006

Rameshwar Dhurve, the Mahajan family’s astrologer

While Jayant Salgaonkar refused to comment on Rahul Mahajan’s future, the family’s astrologer was more forthcoming.

According to Rameshwar Dhurve (34), known to the Mahajans since the last five years, ‘the bad luck that has befallen Rahul will pass by 4.28 pm on June 12.

Dhurve has already started the Mahamrutyunjay Jap at Trimbakeshwar Temple, Nashik. “We are trying our best to ward off death,” he said.

“Rahul Mahajan peeda mein hai. He has been under tremendous mental stress since 2002 and his father’s death was a big setback.

Some people, whom he befriended, have taken advantage of his mental stress and attacked him. By June 12, Rahul must get a new jeevandaan and his stars will experience durgavisha (success),” Dhurve told MiD DAY on Friday.

On April 26, Dhurve had said the period between April 30 and May 3 would be critical for Pramod Mahajan.

He now added that Rahul would be critical till June 6. Dhurve observed that Rahul’s misfortune was passed on to Bibek Moitra, Pramod Mahajan’s secretary. Moitra, who was frothing at the mouth, was brought dead to Apollo Hospital yesterday morning.

“Rekha Mahajan too, needs to take care as she has completely broken down. But all this will be over by Diwali and I predict that by 2007, things will fall into place,” he said.

Lending voice to conspiracy theorists, Dhurve said, “Someone is after the Mahajans to wipe them out. Since the family achieved fame and success, someone has cursed them and is targeting their lives. But they will not succeed.”

Dhurve added that Pramod Mahajan did not believe in astrology, but Rekha was a believer.

 Tripad Nakshatra plagues Mahajans

By: Deepak Lokhande
   June 3, 2006, Mid-Day, Mumbai


Jayant Salgaonkar, the owner of the popular almanac, Kalnirnay, had told the Mahajan family about the tripad nakshatra — a constellation considered inauspicious according to Hindu astrology — after Pramod Mahajan died on May 3.

According to Salgaonkar, if a person dies during this nakshatra, the family suffers from two more incidents of a similar kind, within the next month.

He said one incident was Rahul’s hospitalisation, but refused to comment on what the other one was.

Unlucky star

Salgaonkar said he had conveyed his observations to the family made on the basis of calculations following Mahajan’s death.

Of the 27 constellations, six nakshatras are called tripad nakshatra and specific rituals are necessary to ward off the effect. Pramod’s death occurred on one such nakshatra, he said.

“I asked them to perform certain rituals to allay the ill effects of the tripad nakshatra. I was told they did so, but it seems, it hasn’t been done in a perfectly,” he said.

Sources close to the family confessed that Salgaonkar had indeed told them about this and that the family had performed rituals soon after Pramod’s rituals.

‘Morale booster’

When asked about his other prediction that went wrong (‘Mahajan will survive the assault and will become the Prime Minister at the age of 58’), Salgaonkar said he could not have disappointed the worried family at the time when they were hoping against hope.

“I said say that to boost their morale, but honestly, I got the feeling he will die by May 3, which was a Wednesday. I told them about the possibility of Pramodji walking out of the hospital, but also told them to come to me on Wednesday evening, as I knew he may not make it till then,” he said.
So, what does the future hold for Rahul?

“I don’t want to answer that question at the moment,” is all he would say.


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