//Buta Singh backs quota for OBCs

Buta Singh backs quota for OBCs

Jalandhar, June. 4 (PTI): Former Bihar Governor Buta Singh today supported the Centre's proposal for a quota for OBCs in elite educational institutions, saying this was a must for providing social justice to the downtrodden sections of society.

"Media reporting on the proposed reservation for OBCs was only subjective and not objective," Singh told reporters here, adding that the quota will not affect reservations for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

"Even our Constitution allows such reservation, which is a must to bridge the gap between the flourishing classes and backward classes of society," he said while demanding the upgrading of reservations for SCs and STs.

"As per the Constitution the reservation was to be upgraded according to the growth of population of the Dalit community but after 1971, no upgradation was done in spite of the manifold growth in the population of Dalits," he said.

On the issue of offices of profit, he saw nothing wrong in the rejection of the Bill on this by the President. "It is a mandatory process and if the President has some queries about the Bill, he has every right to send back the same."