//Is bad Vastu to blame for RSS woes?

Is bad Vastu to blame for RSS woes?

Jaideep Hardikar Sunday, June 04, 2006 ,DNA,

NAGPUR: Is there something wrong with the Vastu of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh building in Nagpur? Are the problems plaguing the Parivar an outcome of Vastu Dosh?

Battered by some recent setbacks to its political front and plagued by the growing rivalries within, the RSS is indeed sprucing up its historic Mahal headquarters to remove what its architects describe as Vastu Dosh in the Vastu Shastra parlance.

Senior functionary and RSS executive body member Indresh Kumar Thursday confirmed that the building is being renovated on Vastu lines. "It includes every aspect, also the security," Kumar told DNA after the terrorist attack. "Vastu norms also include of security aspects, apart from progress."

The building's entry is being redesigned from east while closing the one that exists in south. The Sangh bosses, who have ratified the proposed alterations, hope the directional changes would set things in order.

The RSS consulted a Vastu expert in Visakhapatnam, after a young local architect Abhishek Deshpande submitted a project report on vastu-faults in the building. The renovation work takes into account the threat perception and modifications also provide for improved security cover.

Sudarshan, who, RSS sources say, liked the idea, referred it to an expert in Vishakhapatnam, who spruced it up for execution.

Though officially the Sangh did not initially admit to the vastu-theory, it is now confirming that the building is being perfected on vastu shastra lines.   

Something that old time hardliners are bitterly unhappy with.

"It's true, Sangh followers and volunteers know that the RSS bosses have consulted a vastu expert apparently to remove the anomaly believed to be the root-cause for the problems it has confronted recently," RSS analyst Dilip Deodhar told DNA. "Many within the RSS don't approve of it."

Deodhar, who is the convenor of Dr Hedgewar Pradnyapeeth, noted that the trio of former Sarsanghchalaks Hedgewar-Golwalkar-Deoras never followed any superstitions.

"They wanted to develop the concept of Hindu as a civilisation and not as religion. So the old timers feel it derails those objectives if the Sangh follows the Vastu advice. At the same time those who have religious lineage are happy about the development," he said.

The RSS headquarters in Mahal, which was under the attack on Thursday, was once known as a bhoot-bangla (ghost bungalow). When Hedgewar came to know of it, he requested his owner to hand it over to them and instructed his volunteers to search for more bhoot-banglas so that they could be bought cheaply and converted in to the RSS offices to expand the activities. RSS has been occupying its Mahal headquarters since 1925.