//Call for Change in School Hours in Kerala

Call for Change in School Hours in Kerala

As a concerned mother of a six year old who has just  started his first std.,schooling, i would like to know from the concerned school authorities,as to what is it that they gain by making a six year old attend school for eight hours?

Why cant all schools make their school timings from 7.45 to 12.45 for std I to IV.
Isnt it inhuman to send a child from morning 7.30 to school and he is back home only at 5 pm? As a concerned mother, it hurts to know that the lunch i prepare at 7.30 am is eaten cold by my child at 12.30 or 1pm.

Doesnt a six year old child require freshly cooked  food and some rest in the afternoon to grow properly?  What is the purpose of this eight hour schooling?

I come from Goa where all schools get over by 12.45 or 1.30.
Are children who attend 5 hour schools less intelligent than those who attend 8 hour schools?

Unfortunately since I  am settled in Cochin due to my husband's work,my child has been admitted to a school here with the timings of 8.45 to 3.30pm, and these past couple of days have  been so tiring for my son.

Please will the concerned authorities do something? Or will all the six year olds suffer for no fault of theirs?
Please somebody wake up and make all schools from std I to IV,as half days from 7.45 to 12.45 for the benefit of our six years old children.

Deepali Pitre Correya

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