//13 of family burnt in Andhra Pradesh in rivalry

13 of family burnt in Andhra Pradesh in rivalry

Hyderabad | June 10, 2006 3:15:08 PM IST

In a gruesome attack, 13 members of a family were burnt to death by a rival group in Andhra Pradesh's Mahabubnagar district early Saturday.

The incident occurred at Polkampalli village near Daulatabad in Mahabubnagar istrict, about 150 km south of here. According to the police, the attack was an outcome of an old rivalry between two groups.

While two men were burnt alive in a four-wheeler, 11 others were killed when the attackers set a house on fire. The dead reportedly include four children and four women.

Those killed were relatives of a man called Ashok, an accused in the murder of Kishtappa, a member of a rival group. Ashok, who was recently released from prison on bail, was attending a family function when the rival group attacked him to avenge the killing .

While Ashok managed to escape, his relatives became the target of the attackers. The group set two vehicles and a house on fire.

This incident has led to considerable tension in the village. Senior police officials from the district headquarters have rushed to the scene and additional forces have been deployed. (IANS)