//Sangh Parivar, Champagne and cocaine parties

Sangh Parivar, Champagne and cocaine parties

The Rahul Mahajan imbroglio will once again focus an extremely uncomfortable spotlight on the lifestyle habits of the top Sangh Parivar leadership and their family members. Champagne and cocaine parties, though, are a new one, and  the BJP top-brass will have a tough time trying to white-wash this unpleasant, tragic, incident.

Only earlier last week, Rahul Mahajan was a prominent special invitee to the BJP’s National Executive meeting where the senior leaders commiserated over his father’s death and talked of finding a suitable place for Rahul in the organisation.  

What exactly was the reason for Rahul’s celebrating the night with champagne, etc? It is a bit odd that Rahul was in a celebratory mood, that too in the country’s political capital where such things are closely noted. 

Only a few months ago the BJP was rocked by the sex-VCD scandal involving Sanjay Joshi, who had then resigned, only to return recently as a general secretary, while the stories about Pramod Mahajan’s lavish lifestyle and wheeling-and-dealing had only just died down.

With the party struggling to find its voice and put up a semblance of an opposition to the UPA government, the Mahajan Jr incident couldn’t have come at a worse time and will surely puncture any revival efforts.